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Meyer Sound PANTHER at Coachella 2024

Meyer Sound's cutting-edge PANTHER system provided an unparalleled audio experience of Coachella 2024's Do LaB stage, setting a new standard for outdoor festival sound

The Do LaB stage at Coachella Festival 2024 showcased a new level of immersive sound experience, powered by Meyer Sound's cutting-edge PANTHER large-format linear line array loudspeaker system.

This collaboration between Meyer Sound and Do LaB brought forth an open-air electronic music stage that captivated festivalgoers with its unparalleled audio quality and design.

Do LaB, renowned for infusing underground culture and community-driven experiences into the Coachella landscape, unveiled its latest creation, the MACROdose stage.

Departing from traditional tent designs, MACROdose emerged as an open-air enchanted forest, adorned with vibrant fabric sculptures, creating an atmosphere of freedom and exploration.

The stage's innovative design presented unique challenges in delivering high-quality sound across an expanded audience area spanning 300 feet from the stage.

Ian Ingram, audio crew chief and systems engineer at Do LaB, emphasised the need for a low-profile yet powerful sound system to meet these demands. Meyer Sound's PANTHER emerged as the ideal solution, offering remarkable power-to-weight ratio and precise sound projection.

Working closely with Meyer Sound's Josh Dorn-Fehrmann, Ingram crafted a sound system featuring PANTHER loudspeakers and 2100-LFC low-frequency control elements.

Ten PANTHER-L loudspeakers per side, supplemented by front fills and low-frequency control elements, ensured uniform coverage and bass impact while containing low-frequency energy.

The system, integrated by Los Angeles-based Launch, incorporated advanced technologies such as MILAN AVB network and Galile GALAXY processors to achieve seamless control and distribution of sound.

David Vincent, Meyer Sound's Senior Technical Support Specialist, recommended a strategic speaker configuration that further enhanced the immersive experience.

Attendees and artists alike praised the sonic excellence of Do LaB's stage, with Ingram receiving accolades for the audio quality from engineers and fans alike.

Jesse Flemming, co-founder of Do LaB, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, highlighting Meyer Sound's commitment to delivering exceptional sound experiences in challenging environments.

"Incorporating Meyer Sound's PANTHER system into our MACROdose stage was a game-changer," Flemming remarked. "From the front row to the back, every attendee enjoyed an epic sound experience, thanks to Meyer Sound's innovative technology and collaborative approach."

The success of the Do LaB stage at Coachella 2024 underscores the pivotal role of cutting-edge audio solutions in elevating live music experiences, setting a new standard for immersive sound in outdoor festival settings.


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