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Lyric Hammersmith Upgrades Audio System with EM Acoustics

The Lyric Hammersmith Theatre enhances its productions with a state-of-the-art audio upgrade from EM Acoustics, improving sound quality and efficiency

The renowned Lyric Hammersmith Theatre in West London has recently undergone a significant audio upgrade, enhancing its status as one of the country’s leading producing houses. The comprehensive upgrade, led by the theatre’s Head of Sound, Daniel Ronayne, features a state-of-the-art audio system exclusively from EM Acoustics, completed in early 2024.

Ronayne explained the necessity for the upgrade: “Our existing system was due for an upgrade; it was around 30 years old and composed of many different products from different brands.” After a successful trial with a demo rig from EM Acoustics during their annual Panto, the decision to permanently adopt these products was straightforward. The quality and performance of EM Acoustics’ loudspeakers impressed all key decision-makers at the Lyric.

Seamless Integration with Historical Charm

The Lyric Hammersmith, originally built in the late 19th century, required a powerful yet discreet audio system. The new PA, designed around EM Acoustics’ flagship Reference Series, includes six R10s and two R8s for the main FOH system, supported by four S-215 subwoofers for low frequencies. Additional EMS series loudspeakers provide under-balcony delays, circle fills, front fills, and surround sound.

Efficient and Effective

A notable advantage of the new system is its efficiency. Only three eight-channel EM Acoustics Di20D amplifiers are needed to drive all the loudspeakers. “Being able to run it all off of just three amplifiers is definitely a benefit,” said Ronayne. This setup simplifies technical operations and optimises rack space usage.

Enhanced Confidence and Performance

The new audio system has not only improved technical efficiency but also boosted the confidence of the theatre’s team. “There’s not much tinkering or thinking you need to do when you’re using EM Acoustics,” Ronayne noted. The system’s superior sound quality requires minimal EQ adjustments, and its compatibility with EM’s software platform and Dante has streamlined operations significantly.

Supporting Ambitious Productions

As a producing house, the Lyric Hammersmith crafts all its own shows and co-productions. The new audio system has already proven its versatility across a range of performances, from intimate plays to dynamic, movie-like productions. For instance, their production of Minority Report utilised an expanded setup with additional R10s and S-15 subs, demonstrating the system’s scalability and unified sound.

Looking Ahead

With the new audio upgrade, the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre is poised to continue staging ambitious and innovative productions with newfound confidence. “EM Acoustics have been really supportive of us, and the upgrade has further enhanced our ongoing relationship,” Ronayne concluded. “It’s great to know everything you’re hearing in the theatre is EM Acoustics and all of it sounds incredible.”

For more information, visit EM Acoustics and Lyric Hammersmith Theatre.


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