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Luna Park Sydney’s $15m transformation unveiled

Luna Park Sydney unveils $15 million transformation of Big Top with ‘Dream Circus’ spectacle

Embarking on an ambitious transformation, Luna Park Sydney, the iconic amusement park, is set to redefine the entertainment landscape, starting with a $15 million reimagination of Sydney’s Big Top.

Launched on 22 December 2023, Luna Park’s Dream Circus, housed under Sydney’s Immersive Big Top, aims to mesmerise over 50,000 visitors during the summer season. This grand multi-generational spectacle is heralded as a ‘world-first immersive attraction’, promising guests a narrative journey, lovable characters and a one-of-a-kind sensory spectacle that will leave them awestruck.

Crafted in Sydney, Luna Park’s Dream Circus is the brainchild of specialist creatives and technicians, including Artists in Motion, TDC and Auditoria, renowned for their work on some of the world’s most complex creative projects.

Sydney’s Immersive Big Top, spanning 3000 sq m, serves as a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose entertainment venue equipped with cutting-edge technology. Featuring Barco projection technology, spatially mapped audio systems, hologram technology, motion-activated LED screens and the latest lighting advancements, the venue promises a 360° visual and audio immersion, covering an activated surface area of over 3500 sq m.

Notably, Luna Park’s Immersive Big Top will also serve as a state-of-the-art training facility for future technologists in Sydney. This advanced environment offers a unique opportunity for skill development, fostering a vocational pathway into the growing immersive experience industry.

John Hughes, CEO of Luna Park Sydney, expresses pride in building one of the most technically advanced environments in the country. He envisages the venue as unparalleled, capable of hosting the best immersive experiences, never-before-seen live music and special events.

The expansion of Luna Park’s offerings is driven by the desire to be more than just an amusement park, evolving into a reliable, magical and affordable destination for all generations of Sydneysiders and city visitors.

Hughes notes that Luna Park Sydney’s transformation aligns with the demands of today’s audiences, who seek engagement, personalisation and immersive experiences in a highly social environment. This shift reflects the global rise of the immersive experience economy.

“As one of the most intact art deco amusement parks in the world, Luna Park Sydney’s transformation will find harmony between the best of the old and the best of the new, elevating the Sydney icon onto the world stage,” says Hughes. The ambitious transformation aims to deliver a world-class, multi-layered and technology-driven experience, ensuring Luna Park remains a vibrant and relevant cultural icon for current and future generations.

“For over 88 years, Luna Park Sydney has played an important role in the social and cultural fabric of the city. This year, we will reinforce our position as a leader in the visitor and night-time economy by unlocking the immense creative capability in this city," Hughes adds, signalling a significant chapter in the storied history of Luna Park Sydney.


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