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Elation Lights the Way in Hawai’i

Harmony in Nature: Lāna‘i Ocean Theatre Illuminated by Elation Lighting  

Lāna‘i Ocean Theatre, a collaborative project by Pulama Lāna‘i, Lightswitch, and Upstaging, introduces sustainable entertainment venue

The Lāna‘i Ocean Theatre, situated on the southeast coast of Lāna‘i, has opened its doors as a new amphitheatre within the Four Seasons Resort.


Developed in partnership with Pulama Lāna‘i, Lightswitch, and Upstaging, the project aims to provide quality entertainment while respecting the island's environment, while Elation lighting, featuring the Proteus Lucius LED profile luminaire, prepares to take centre stage.


Inspired by Greek-style amphitheatres, the Lāna‘i Ocean Theatre project kicked off in September 2021, transforming a section of the hillside overlooking Hulopo'e Bay into a versatile entertainment space that blends with the natural surroundings.


Pulama Lāna‘i collaborated with Lightswitch and Upstaging to ensure the venue met entertainment standards while maintaining ecological responsibility.


Lighting design, led by John Featherstone of Lightswitch and project management by Ryan Breneisen of Upstaging, focused on utilising the Proteus Lucius as the primary lighting fixture.


Ryan Breneisen, working closely with Elation rep firm Five Lakes Marketing, chose the Proteus Lucius for its outdoor readiness and versatility.


The luminaires, including Arena Zoom Q7IP, form part of a festival-style system that adapts to various uses of the space.


Environmental considerations were integrated into the project, including input from ornithologists to minimise impact on migratory birds.


Featherstone highlighted the Proteus Lucius's gentler power footprint and its IP-rated features, contributing to less disruption on site.


The Lāna‘i Ocean Theatre debuted in December 2022 with performances by Hawaiian singer-songwriter John Cruz, followed by shows from Kenny Loggins and Jake Shimabukuro.


Beyond being an entertainment venue, the Lāna‘i Ocean Theatre stands as a testament to blending tradition, sustainability, and quality entertainment for the local community and visitors to the Four Seasons Resort.

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