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Royal Conservatory of Antwerp Upgrades to Elation LED Lighting

The Royal Conservatory of Antwerp upgrades to Elation LED lighting, enhancing performance spaces with advanced, versatile fixtures for superior stage productions

The Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, a distinguished institution for music, dance, and drama, has transitioned from conventional lighting to state-of-the-art LED luminaires by Elation.

The upgrade, supplied by Ampco Flashlight, enhances the lighting capabilities across multiple performance spaces, supporting a wide variety of artistic projects.

Renowned for its excellence in the performing arts, the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp attracts students from all over Europe and beyond. The institution is committed to providing high-quality facilities equipped with the latest technologies to ensure an exceptional educational experience. The recent lighting upgrade aligns with this mission, ensuring the conservatory remains at the forefront of technological advancements in stage production.

Embracing the Latest Technologies

To explore the latest lighting solutions, Rik Suijs, a technician at the Conservatory, attended the Prolight + Sound tradeshow in Frankfurt. There, he connected with Bert Schmeits, Elation's Key Account Manager for Benelux, who introduced him to the Elation KL "Key Light" and FUZE series of intelligent lighting fixtures. This introduction led to a visit to the Elation showroom in Kerkrade, Netherlands, for an in-depth product demonstration.

“Initially, we weren’t very familiar with the market,” Rik admitted. “But after some research and guidance, we reviewed several brands. Elation stood out for its quality and competitive pricing. Ultimately, it was an excellent choice.” The Conservatory selected a comprehensive package of Elation luminaires, including KL PROFILE FC, KL FRESNEL FC, FUZE PENDANT, FUZE PAR Z175, and SIXPAR 100 fixtures, all featuring advanced full-colour LED light engines. Ampco Flashlight was awarded the contract to supply the fixtures following a public tender.

Transforming the Yellow Hall

The first space to benefit from the new lighting system was the Yellow Hall, a small black box theatre. “I wanted a versatile setup suitable for different types of projects,” Rik explained. “This space is more for theatre and dance than rock ‘n’ roll shows, so I wanted more Fresnels and profile spots rather than flashy moving heads.” The KL FRESNEL FC soft lights and KL PROFILE FC ellipsoidal fixtures, both with RGBMA colour mixing engines, were chosen for their uniform, high-CRI light and silent operation. FUZE PENDANT downlights were also installed to provide uniform lighting across the entire space.

Flexible and Transportable Lighting Solutions

While the KL fixtures in the Yellow Hall are relatively stationary, the FUZE PAR Z175 fixtures are designed to be versatile and transportable. They can be moved as needed to other performance spaces and used for specials, sidelight, backlight, or frontlight. Similarly, the SIXPAR 100 lights can be transported wherever high-quality white or coloured light is required.

Enhancing Other Performance Spaces

The White Hall, known for its excellent acoustics and used for classical music performances, now features KL FRESNEL 8 and KL PROFILE FC luminaires as frontlight to illuminate the orchestra.

Elation lighting is also used in several studios and a student dining area with a small stage, where SIXPARs and FUZE PARs enhance existing lighting. Plans are underway to upgrade the lighting in the Black Hall, which currently uses conventional fixtures but has begun integrating some of the new FUZE PAR Z175s.

A New Era of Lighting Convenience

The dynamic lighting system’s colour-changing capabilities and beam manipulation options have significantly streamlined the lighting process. “It is surprisingly convenient to have lots of colour in every fixture,” Rik noted. “Once your colours are managed in the console, it makes the whole process easier and faster. You don’t have to rig lights for every colour, which is a big savings.”

The new Elation lighting system debuted on several smaller projects last fall and had its first major test during a dance project in January. “The project required a lot of lights and illumination from all angles, so it was a good test,” Rik said. “The new lighting system required us to adjust our workflow and find a new kind of lighting procedure, but we handled it well, and the lighting performed very nicely. Everyone was very happy.”

With the new Elation LED lighting system, the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp continues to provide cutting-edge facilities for its students, ensuring that it remains a leading institution for performing arts education.


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