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Martin Audio WPS Transforms Cardiff Students’ Union

Discover how SWG Events' implementation of Martin Audio's WPS line array revolutionised sound quality at Cardiff Students’ Union Great Hall

SWG Events recently undertook the challenge of equipping Cardiff Students’ Union’s Great Hall with a versatile and powerful PA system to meet the demands of its diverse range of events.

The Great Hall, boasting a capacity of 1500, required a solution that could seamlessly adapt to various needs, from live music performances to conferences and nightclubs.

In response to these challenges, SWG Events turned to Martin Audio’s premium Wavefront Precision WPS line array. Joe Bailey, Account Manager at SWG Events, expressed confidence in the Wavefront Precision product range, citing its ability to provide both high-quality audio experiences for customers and meet the expectations of touring parties and promoters.

Head of Venues, Callam Thom, emphasised the importance of keeping up with modern-day touring demands while maintaining the Great Hall's reputation as a top live music venue in Cardiff. Thom highlighted the necessity for a state-of-the-art audio system supported by a company with extensive experience.

The Great Hall's recent development, including expanded viewing balconies, posed additional challenges for audio coverage. SWG Head of Audio, Simon Purse, described the venue as a "big concrete square," requiring strategic placement of speakers to ensure optimal sound quality throughout the space.

The solution implemented by SWG Events involved a combination of Wavefront Precision WPS line arrays, SX218 subwoofers, Blackline X8 speakers, TORUS T1230 units, and CDD8 speakers for under balcony and balcony coverage.

Martin Audio Product Support Engineer, Robin Dibble, assisted with tuning and time alignment to optimise sound quality in the reverberant venue.

Bailey highlighted the successful performance of the system during the first academic year, with over 50 live music events featuring touring artists.

Additionally, SWG Events provided training to the in-house crew to ensure smooth operation of the audio system during events.

Thom expressed satisfaction with the system's flexibility and performance, noting positive feedback from both engineers and audience members.

The Martin Audio system has proven capable of delivering high-quality audio across a variety of events, from live concerts to dance music genres.

As the system continues to be utilised during the University’s summer recess and beyond, it stands as a testament to SWG Events' ability to deliver exceptional audio solutions tailored to the unique requirements of Cardiff Students’ Union Great Hall.

For more information, visit Martin Audio’s website.


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