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Live and in Colour

An LED tech innovator, ROE Visual takes a leading visual presence on stages worldwide. From music to theatre, we outline live events it helped succeed

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Last year saw an assortment of impressive live entertainment around the world – from concert tours to music festivals, televised award shows and everything in between.

ROE Visual was there at the front lines, delivering high-quality, innovative LED screens to global stages and shaping the cultural events that defined 2023.

On the road

ROE helped create the atmosphere for pop music’s biggest concert tours, including Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics Tour, Harry Styles’ Love on Tour, Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres World Tour and Adele’s Las Vegas residency.

But industry trust in ROE wasn’t limited to the pop genre; from country to heavy metal, it played a key role in establishing each artist’s distinct visual presence.

ROE products featured in iconic venues around the world, including New York’s Madison Square Garden, London’s Wembley Stadium and Ireland’s Slane Castle. Many of these saw record-breaking attendances, as live shows  came back with a bang. ROE lit up arenas, delivering unforgettable experiences to global fanbases.

To create large-scale backdrops, production teams installed panels from ROE’s Black Marble, Black Pearl, Carbon and Vanish series. Depending on the venue, artistic directors could take advantage of high ceilings, 360° stages and far-reaching outdoor displays.

“ROE Visual is honoured to be the visual backbone of these extraordinary events, contributing to the magic and intensity of each performance,” says ROE’s sales director Grace Kuo.

ROE also aided in multi-day music festivals like Manchester’s Parklife, California’s Coachella and Melbourne’s Now or Never – each with a distinct visual persona.

Experienced in all areas of live entertainment, it provided visuals for stage performances like musicals and operas. Each show was tonally unique, with Back to the Future: The Musical borrowing its look from the original 1985 film.

The Ring Cycle employed a fiery backdrop, while Awakening graced Wynn Las Vegas’ 60ft, 360° prismatic stage with contrasting images of light and darkness.

Aerial view of Metallica stage in stadium with yellow lighting
Metallica rock the stage with thousands in attendance – their electric performance aided by ROE

Talking TV

Each year sees the return of televised events like the MTV VMAs, Grammys and Eurovision Song Contest. ROE enabled the look and feel of these annual occasions, complete with presentations, performances and pans to the audience.

Unlike regular concerts and festivals, televised events require an additional consideration: how will the LED screens appear during a live broadcast of the event?

For the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in the UK’s Liverpool Arena, the team implemented seven of ROE’s Black Quartz LED towers. The results “made for a sharp and vibrant display that could be appreciated both within the venue and watching on TV,” states Graham Miller, head of music and entertainment at Creative Technology UK.

The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards – which were hosted in the Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey by Nicki Minaj – featured performances by Olivia Rodrigo, Lil Wayne, Doja Cat, Shakira and more.

The backdrop took the shape of an astronaut’s helmet, a relaunch of MTV’s vintage imagery. This year’s awards raked in 3.92 million viewers total, all of whom enjoyed ROE’s technical contributions.

Last winter saw the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, arguably the biggest night in the music industry. The awards, located in Los Angeles’ Arena, borrowed ROE’s BP3 and CB3 panels to create an oval-shaped visual display.

Again, the ceremony saw the industry’s biggest stars, including Jay-Z, Sam Smith and more. Covered by CBS and Paramount+, viewership surpassed that of the VMAs, landing at 12.4 million.

ROE Visual Banner
ROE Visual brings your favourite live performances to life with stunning visuals & a dynamic atmosphere

New year, same standard

As we welcome in a new year, the live events industry will see increasing spectacles as consumer demands evolve and productions continue to innovate.

ROE remains at the forefront of technical transformation, helping to reinvent the visual identities of various events and bringing on a range of new clientele.

Across live music, theatre and TV, ROE has shown a commitment to true visual excellence via cutting-edge products and solutions. “We can’t wait to see what another year will bring,” shares Kuo. “It’s an exciting outlook!”


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