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PK Sound Unveils New Tx Series Point-Source Modules

PK Sound introduces the Tx Series point-source modules, enhancing their robotic line array solutions with unparalleled control and flexibility for various audio applications

PK Sound has announced the forthcoming release of its Tx Series point-source modules. Developed in collaboration with ACT Entertainment, PK Sound’s exclusive North American distributor, the Tx Series represents a significant enhancement to the company's lineup, providing a fully integrated and versatile solution for both mobile and installed audio applications.

The Tx Series, which includes the Tx26 and Tx14 modules, is designed to complement PK Sound’s existing Trinity range of robotic line source solutions. These intelligent, multipurpose point-source modules are fully configurable and controllable via PK.dynamics software, offering unprecedented control and optimisation capabilities.

“There are plenty of great loudspeakers out there, but PK systems enable users to overcome the unique acoustic challenges of virtually any environment,” said James Oliver, Chief Strategy Officer at PK Sound. “From arenas and stadiums to theatres and houses of worship, users can mechanically configure and optimise system coverage remotely and in real-time to essentially remove the room from the performance.”

The Tx26 module features controlled 100-degree conical directivity, a frequency response of 55 Hz to 18 kHz, and a peak SPL of 133 dB. It employs a pair of vented 6” Tetracoil transducers with custom phase plugs for low-frequency response, complemented by a 1” HT polymer diaphragm compression driver for high frequencies.

The larger Tx14 module offers controlled 50-degree by 70-degree directivity, a frequency response spanning 50 Hz to 18 kHz, and a maximum SPL of 138.5 dB. It is driven by a premium 14” coaxial transducer with a 3” neodymium diaphragm compression driver. The Tx14 can also serve as a floor monitor, featuring a natural inclination of 35 degrees that can be extended to 55 degrees using the onboard uptilt stands.

PK Sound’s new offerings also include the T8 robotic line source system, the latest compact addition to the industry’s first robotically controlled line source family. The T8 boasts a peak SPL of 143.5 dB, with precise control down to 400 Hz in both vertical and horizontal planes. This allows system operators maximum flexibility in adjusting coverage after the array is flown, a capability unmatched by any other speaker array.

Bob Patrick, Principal at IPR Services, highlighted the game-changing nature of PK Sound's technology, stating, “The robotic arrays from PK Sound are a game changer in that they can alter both vertical and horizontal coverage on-the-fly to mechanically adapt to difficult acoustical conditions or changes in coverage areas—no other speaker array can do this.”

Available for select performance installation applications beginning in late Q4 2024, the Tx Series solidifies PK Sound's position as a leader in innovative audio solutions, offering integrators and customers a comprehensive system with unparalleled control and flexibility.


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