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Wharfedale Pro Powers Festival

Discover how Wharfedale Pro's superior sound systems elevated the Straßenparty-Geldern music festival with precision and power

Straßenparty-Geldern, a vibrant three-day summer festival nestled in the heart of Geldern, North Rhine-Westphalia, once again captivated audiences with its diverse musical lineup and electrifying performances.

This year, the festival boasted a robust sound setup courtesy of Wharfedale Pro, enhancing the auditory experience across its expansive grounds.

The festival, renowned for its free admission and eclectic musical genres spread across five stages, entrusted Wharfedale Pro to power two of its largest platforms. Sound specialists Rockline and event technicians Ambiento skillfully deployed Wharfedale Pro's cutting-edge line array PA systems to ensure optimal sound quality for the event's most anticipated acts.

Christian Boche, Applications and Solutions Manager from IAD GmbH, oversaw the seamless integration of Wharfedale Pro’s equipment.

Reflecting on the festival's dynamic atmosphere, Boche highlighted the versatility of the WLA-1 and WLA-210XP systems in accommodating diverse musical styles—from rock bands and DJs to choirs and dance groups.

The choice of Wharfedale Pro was driven by the need for a versatile, cost-effective solution that could handle the festival's rigorous demands. The WLA-1 and WLA-210XP systems, known for their flexible rigging options and Ease Focus compatibility, offered precise acoustic simulation crucial for an urban festival with multiple stages.

At the festival's main stage, a formidable setup featuring six WLA-112 speakers per side, supplemented by additional units for infill and powerful subwoofers strategically placed for maximum impact, catered to an audience of up to 2000 attendees.

Meanwhile, the second stage, Bühne Schwarzbrenner, boasted a compact yet potent configuration with ground-stacked WLA-210XP loudspeakers, ensuring clarity and depth across its performances.

Despite tight setup schedules, with a mere three-hour window for full implementation on the main stage, the Rockline-VT team leveraged advanced acoustic simulations to optimise sound delivery. This meticulous planning ensured flawless execution from soundcheck through the festival's culmination.

Throughout the event, both main and secondary stages received accolades not only for their pristine sound quality but also for their user-friendly interface, winning over even the most discerning band technicians unfamiliar with Wharfedale Pro. Their positive reception underscored the WLA range's reputation for superior performance and reliability in live settings.


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